Strong as new ROPE

Just starting to be successful, inspirational, a big deal, encouraging, missional, philanthropical, excited and/or evangelical? Tie a strong knot and hang on. You’re going to have to be as strong as new rope. Spiritual warfare is real. Any unraveling of the ties that bind give the Devil a way to sneak in. He will not […]


Oh WoW! The new issue of Vogue came yesterday. It has unleashed FaLL FeVeR!! These great fall pics are from Vogue, except for the boots on the bottom left. Those are just the boots I’m wishing for! Sweaters, jackets, dresses and tights, boots, hats and layers… Oh My! Crisp air, football games, pumpkins, scarecrows, apples, […]

My cheeky READERS

Happy one year of blogging to me! It’s been a fun year! I was looking thru some blog stats, facebook insights, twitter feeds, etc. last night. One blog post still stands out as the “most read”. Why? Not the subject matter, the content, and certainly not the author. It’s the title. I don’t need a […]

You are not a PRIORITY

I’m sharing some links to articles that all say the same thing, in different ways, using the same exercise. Here’s the gist of it: Substitute “I don’t have time” with “this/you is/are not a priority to me”. It’s a great exercise. No excuses. No wordplay to use as camouflage. Clear message. Clarity. The person you […]