Sweetheart Summer Salad

Summer salads. You just can’t beat a great salad filled with beauties picked right out of the backyard garden. This quick salad is a staple on summer supper tables in Kentucky. Tastes great, keeps well and is really good for you. There are a couple of tips to this salad that I will share with […]

your own standards

Judge your success by your own standards. Today I juggled 3 babies under 5. I had them singing and laughing through the morning. We played outside, and checked the herbs and tomatoes. I had them all fed and down for a nap at the same time. I taught the middle a new song while gaining […]

hallelujah amen

Ah. It’s Sunday. It’s Sunday, right? Finally. Finally. Sunday. It is Sunday. I’m so relieved. Friday was brutal. Just absolutely brutal. You know, it’s funny, because the “it’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming” movement really took hold of everyone in the Christian community, including me. It gave a trendy spin, just simple enough, to convey the […]

hello monday

Good morning, Monday! I’m glad to see you! I love Monday morning. I know, right? It’s not something you hear every day, but I just do. I love that fresh new turn of the page on the calendar feeling. I love that space in the week that Monday morning holds, where it feels like a […]


It’s never easy to be the catalyst of change. It is, at the same time, an honest task and a heavy burden. At the beginning, when you don’t understand that’s what you have been called to do… you chafe against the call. Because it is difficult and you don’t understand the opposition of your person. […]