So good I could just kiss myself right on the KISSER!

Ok. So this is a quick and easy mocha recipe. Like an Easy Like A Sunday Morning quick and easy mocha recipe. I was just settling in for some reading for work and was thinking a hot chocolate would be nice. However, it would also, unfortunately, most likely lull me into a Sunday nap. Soooo… […]

A Fond(ue) Farewell

It’s January! Fresh new year and new beginnings. Our college kids, who enjoyed the extended holiday break at home, are excited to head back to campus, their friends and new classes. We wanted to love on them and feed them and honor them with a family dinner before classes start. Perfect time to use one […]

Make your dreams come true…. and blame someone else!

Fun is fun… and celebrations are especially fun. Today is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day. It’s also Blame Someone Else Day. So. What are you going to do? Take a leap of faith and make your dreams come true? Claim a “pass” and blame someone else? Neither… Both… The choice is yours. […]

Mimi’s Meringue Kisses

Sweetly Simple. Easy to make and bake. Beautiful presentation. What’s not to love about Meringue Kisses. My tip: use quality ingredients. The best your budget will allow. Martha Stewart has a million and one recipes for fun and fancy meringue inspired creations. I’m a fan of simple meringue kisses for a snow inspired winter […]