ready for a ROADTRIP So ready for a ROADTRIP.  Filling up my music stash with an eclectic mix of swamp and ballads. Makes my heart happy.  Highways and Clouds by Amos Lee Highways, clouds Ain’t no stopping, it’s all I’ve gotten As far as I’ve dropped in, as far as I’ve come I’m from the badlands Raised up […]

Sweet Surprise on a Saturday

Saturday. One of my favorite seven days of the week.  Today started as an “up way before the dawn” day. The task list of my new business was just long enough to prod my sleepy dreaming into wakefulness.  Hot, sweet coffee and my ever present list in hand, the work day began. By 9:00am I […]

Lovely DAYS

   The last couple of weeks have been lovely. Absolutely and truly lovely in the purest sense of the word.  The seasons are changing. The wind carries a hint of autumn. Summer isn’t fully ready to let go and rest for the year, but it will be soon. The leaves are turning into their brilliant […]


Darling card and washi tape project for kids of any age. Thanks, Me and My Inklings!  I love that this fosters giving in a spirit of fun and friendship.    Be sure to enter to win a project pack of supplies. 


There are some serious freedoms and joyful moments that come from working from home.  There are some serious freedom and joyful moments that come from working outside the home.  What’s the pits for both? The SUPER SHINY Internet, that’s what!  Creative brains have a hard time not noticing shiny bits and baubles. The little details […]


   Sweet heavenly days, look at that closet! Wow!  I’m taking a little break from my “end of summer clutter busting day”. I have clicked around on Pinterest and some blogs to find sweet inspiration, and thankfully, it is in no short supply.  Here is a great article on conquering not only your closet, but […]


Look at this sweet lamb’s ear. Unfiltered. As in unfiltered photo. Sweet, soft leaves standing firm against the autumn wind. Blooms that beg for a touch. They are a beautiful color that only nature could provide. A touch, a pluck of a leaf. Confirmation of hopeful softness, justifying the plant’s name. Confirmation of soft strength […]