The perfect shade of GRAY…GREY?

IMG_1935Gray or grey? I’m not sure of the difference between the two spellings, I’ll look that up later. What I do know is that my bedroom is the perfect shade of gray, namely “Proper Gray”.  Our bathroom is in a complimentary color “Mink” and I love them both!

The interior of our house is now painted in warm contemporary neutrals. The colors are welcoming and blended what was there to work with, and what we were adding to it in furniture and fabrics. It looks exactly like I wanted it to, without knowing how to accomplish it.

I say this all the time… I love my friends. I admire each one of them for their unique gifts and talents. When I knew for sure that this would be our home, I called on my friend, Lynn, immediately. She is a talented interior designer and her color palettes are beautiful. I explained to her that the colors in the house now were pretty, but cold, and I needed to balance keeping the existing tiles and fixtures, and use paint to warm it up. She came over, flipped her big paint sample book straight to the beautiful colors that would do the trick and that was that! Amazing!

Now. The perfect shade of gray. I wanted to do a bold color in the master bedroom. I was thinking about a dark neutral. A mushroom, dark khaki, chocolate color. I wasn’t sure how to pick the color. We have all had those painting moments when we see one wall painted and think… Wow… that’s not the color I was thinking it would be, right? I let the professional handle it this time. Thank you, Lynn! She flipped to “Mink” and was sure it would be terrific. As we were looking at the lighting in the room, her face lit up and she had a plan. The darker “Mink” for the bathroom, the lighter “Proper Gray” for the bedroom and crisp white trim for both. She was sure, so I was sure, and the painting began.

I love it. I really love it. The grays are bold and crisp and contemporary. The bedroom gray is perfect for a sleep-in Saturday, not too light and not too dark. The dark gray of the bathroom is bold and perfect with the lighting the window lends. I couldn’t be happier!

I get by with a little help from my friends. Ok, a lot of help from my friends! Thanks, Lynn!


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