Strong as new ROPE

Just starting to be successful, inspirational, a big deal, encouraging, missional, philanthropical, excited and/or evangelical?

Tie a strong knot and hang on. You’re going to have to be as strong as new rope.

Spiritual warfare is real. Any unraveling of the ties that bind give the Devil a way to sneak in.

He will not ring your doorbell and ask to come in politely, or text to see if it’s ok to come over, or set up a conference call.

He will slither in unannounced, posing as a comment that you are offended by, as an overblown betrayal, as a boiling over of stressful circumstances. He will be the negative thought in your mind that repeats itself without mercy.

He will poke and prod your insecurities, or sweetly feather a nest of temptation. He will take an innocent bystander and use them to gently lay that last straw when you are ready to snap.

He creates confusion as he coats the filter of love with jealously, rudeness, impatience.

He will use everything that you hold dear.

He will use smoke and mirrors and righteous indignation. He will bind your priorities upside down, shake your money tree, plant mistrust, and hand you the grout to firm up the walls that will keep you from a sweet life.

He. Unties. The. Ties. That. Bind.

You’re going to have to be as strong as new rope. Tied with a strong knot. Don’t let go and fall. Hang on. Shake him off. Be strong. Reach up. Pray it out. Try again.



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