try try try Try Natasha Bedingfield LYRICS Don’t throw it away just because it’s broken ‘Cause anything can mend Don’t call it a day just because the road’s blocked Doesn’t mean we’re at the end If it’s something you love, you don’t leave it If it’s something you care for, you keep it It’s never too far, […]

let it beĀ 

It is enough to admire and enjoy something naturally beautiful. To let it be. To see the gift it is. To let it be. Catching it, caging it, poking and prodding and taking it apart may get you the answers you need… but in the process, you have altered and tamed and destroyed it as […]

Fad diets… Bad diets

Blog Challenge: Op Ed on Random Topic Given. Here we go.  Fad diets. So yesterday. At least they should be. Fad diets. Bad diets.  It’s 2015. The day and age of a wealth of good health information everywhere we turn.  Every single food item in the grocery has a nutrition chart prominently listed on the […]