The KEY to friendship

We’ve all heard the quote “the beginning of a friendship often begins with me, too”  Nothing is more true than the beginnings of friendships between parents of children who have the same medical diagnosis. It also holds true with parents of children with special needs, even while the conditions are different.  Who else would understand, […]

Feather Your NEST

It’s spring!  Brightly colored male birds and their mates are flitting and flying through the backyard. Little nests are being formed in the trees. So sweet.  I’ve seen a couple of suggestions for providing ribbons for wild birds to feather their nests. Inspired, I decided to make a new project.  This is a great project […]

It’s how you FINISH

Look at this sweet little guy.     My surprise peony.  I accidentally planted him upside down last year.  I didn’t realize it until a month after planting, when I read a gardening article. Oops!  Well, here he is. Sturdy and strong, despite an upside down beginning.  Makes my heart happy.  Maybe it isn’t how you […]

Hello Monday

Monday! Fresh new week and fresh new task list. Love that!  My inbox is quickly filling up. My plan is to start with the quick and easy tasks and tackle others as the day progresses. Work tasks and home tasks will dance around the top priority of providing childcare.  There is one carryover work item […]