Darling card and washi tape project for kids of any age. Thanks, Me and My Inklings! 

I love that this fosters giving in a spirit of fun and friendship.

Be sure to enter to win a project pack of supplies. 



There are some serious freedoms and joyful moments that come from working from home. 

There are some serious freedom and joyful moments that come from working outside the home. 

What’s the pits for both? The SUPER SHINY Internet, that’s what! 

Creative brains have a hard time not noticing shiny bits and baubles. The little details of a noticed item can captivate our attention for a few minutes or hours, especially if it leads to wanting to dig a bit deeper into the art form or subject. 

As a blogger, artist, essential oil rep, creative consultant, business owner and Regular Joe, I am constantly on the Internet. Several work groups, network groups, and educational groups are through Facebook only. 



Seriously Shiny = Sometimes Seriously Distracted. 

My Business Life hat tips a bit by seeing notifications to my Regular Joe life hat by my best-in-the-world best friend’s postings. I love y’all. Every day. It’s important to me to stay connected. New adorable baby pics, new relationship happiness, new recipes, personal movie reviews, favorite band’s schedules, my kids’ funny and sweet ramblings or pictures… all of it is worthy of a glance, right? A “like” or “comment” later and there goes 10 minutes! Ok, maybe 30! 

On plow-through-the-work work days, it’s easier to overlook the Facebook shiny bits, but not the Internet. I love weninars and online classes. Research leads to more research. Details lead to double checking details. Fact checking leads to myth busting leads to proofreading leads to writing leads to editing… Then finding and creating the right images. Searching…. 

Ohhhhh SHINY!

Dang it. 


Sweet heavenly days, look at that closet! Wow! 

I’m taking a little break from my “end of summer clutter busting day”. I have clicked around on Pinterest and some blogs to find sweet inspiration, and thankfully, it is in no short supply. 

Here is a great article on conquering not only your closet, but your mindset of filling your closet. 


Thanks to myworkbutterfly.com, and several other sites, I’m ready to make a quick third pass at pulling clothes out that will go to the resale site ThredUp. This pass has to be the ruthless one! 

I should probably give a shoutout to the LMN channel as well. It’s been years, truly, since I’ve binged on the dramatics of “based on a true story” movies. I have to say, I have been pulled into the vortex as I sort, fold, hang and organize. 

The benefits of a clutter busting day are as easy to list as it is hard to get motivated to begin. Once you get started, it is easy to move on to other closets, the fridge, bath vanities, etc. 

  • Inventory. When your closets are cluttered and your time is short, you may fall into the trap of purchasing a duplicate, wasting money and adding to the storage problem. 
  • Organizing eliminates the overwhelming crowded feeling of the mess. No more “ick” feeling every time you open the closet or cabinet that is stuffed full. Paring down those pairs of fuzzy socks, pajama sets and the items that just don’t fit right is absolutely freeing.
  • Donating feels much better than flipping through a bunch of clothes and feeling like you have nothing to wear. That’s the pits, right? 
  • Pocket money. Selling your clothes or nonessentials brings the benefit of a little extra money. Dinner with a friend, rainy day savings, paying towards a bill. Whatever needs some attention most from an extra few dollars. 
  • The joy of a fresh and clean slate. Taking everything out of the closet/drawer/cabinet is the perfect time to spit shine the whole area. Dust, vacuum, or even better, put a new coat of paint on. 

Now…. Back to work! 


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