Hummingbird Sweet Treat

I love this time of year for little backyard visitors. 

The squirrels have been busy digging up winter walnuts. There are a couple of baby bunnies peeking out through the perennial foliage. Finches, mourning doves, robins, cardinals and more little backyard birds are flying by my kitchen window. 

For our area of Kentucky, Derby Day marks the time of spring to put out feeders. 

I love to watch the finches on the feeders. The little red ones seem to like the morning and the yellows are coming in the early evening this week.  

It’s time to put the hummingbird feeders out, now that the last frost has chilled our mornings. 

Years ago, my sweet neighbor shared a hummingbird water recipe with me. I have made it that way ever since. It’s simple. 4:1. Four parts water to one part sugar. Heat the water so that the sugar dissolves, let it cool and it’s ready. 

 She also added this tip. Fill the feeders with only a small amount until the hummingbirds show up consistently. You save a lot of sugar that way. 

Works like a charm. Every year. 

Bed & Breakfast BIRDHOUSE

Quick and Easy. 

No muss. No fuss. 

Darling results. 

What could be better than that for pampering your spring  birds? 

I spotted a sweet little birdhouse at a local discount store yesterday. I loved the shape and the price, but the gray roof was a little drab. 


I can fix that! With a little creativity and 10 minutes during nap time today, it’s now a sweet little home and matches my porch decor. 

I picked two bright paint colors, teal and yellow, gathered up the birdhouse and my fancy art tool (a paper towel) and headed outside. 


A few quick swipes of yellow on the roof…

A quick swipe of teal on the edges of the roof and perches…


And in less than 10 minutes…. 

The Bed & Breakfast birdhouse project is finished and hanging in the backyard. 

The KEY to friendship

We’ve all heard the quote “the beginning of a friendship often begins with me, too” 

Nothing is more true than the beginnings of friendships between parents of children who have the same medical diagnosis. It also holds true with parents of children with special needs, even while the conditions are different. 

Who else would understand, without any words spoken, the sleepless nights, the research that is required, the fatigue from a day of wrangling a child through testing, the tears that willpower alone holds back, the countless times you explain the new diagnosis to family and friends while your heart is breaking. 

Who else would understand why you scrap and fight for awareness so that research funds are raised, why you run 5ks with nervous energy, bake treats into the wee hours for awareness bake sales, wear tshirts with your support group to be seen and heard, especially if your child’s condition is rare. 

Who else would understand that while all of that is true, the joy of milestones reached by your little warrior are so very much sweeter. The blessings are richer. Lessons are learned more quickly, friendships are made a little faster and deeper with new families with the same challenges. The happiness of memories made is a bit more poignant. 

For my sweet friends beginning their journey, you are not alone. Our child’s condition is not the same as yours,  but we have been at the beginning, too. Our prayers and support are with you. 

The symbol for Klippel Feil Syndrome is a key. We are sending you some glittery ornament keys to share with your new KFS friends.–Feil_syndrome


Feather Your NEST

It’s spring! 

Brightly colored male birds and their mates are flitting and flying through the backyard. Little nests are being formed in the trees. So sweet. 

I’ve seen a couple of suggestions for providing ribbons for wild birds to feather their nests. Inspired, I decided to make a new project. 

This is a great project for kids of all ages. It will keep them busy and outside to enjoy the sunshine.  It is also a great recycling project, and costs little to nothing to make. 

Gather up scrap yarn or ribbon, toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and bird seed. 

Cut the yarn in different lengths. Punch holes in the toilet paper rolls. Thread yarn into holes. 


Now for the fun part. Spread peanut butter onto the middle of the toilet paper roll. 


Sprinkle birdseed on the peanut butter. The birds will love the extra treat while they get their nesting yarn. 

Cut one long piece of yarn or twine and string the decorated rolls onto it. Tie the long string ends onto a tree or fencing.  I chose this set of trees because there has been a little cardinal couple living inside. Hope they like the color scheme! 

I also left  some extra yarn by a new nest. We’ll see what happens!  



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