15 Fan-tastic Madness Facts in Kentucky Wildcat Country 

Deep in the heart of Kentucky, you will find something like no other. 

The Kentucky Wildcat Fan. 

You will find this fan among the sea of many tried-and-true, loyal-and-royal blue Wildcat Basketball fans and followers.

All season long they chant and cheer and compare statistics and prepare for March Madness. 

Here is a list of 15 daily doings and sayings and fandom shown during March in Kentucky, on the University of Kentucky campus, and off. 

1.  “The Game”. No other words necessary, as everyone knows you are referring to the last or the next Kentucky Wildcat Basketball game. 

2.  Definition of “Flooding the City”. Kentucky Wildcat fans travel to away games. In droves. Fans of all ages will be dressed head-to-toe in tees, hoodies, hats, flags, scarves, face paint, polka dot nails, striped knee high toe socks and UK stamped cowboy boots Wildcat gear, flooding the game city in a wave of royal blue. 

3. It is common knowledge amongst friends, to know what shirt everyone will have on, on game day. It is common to hear “Where is your lucky shirt?” escalating to  “Go put your lucky shirt on” escalating to “Now!” Absolutely appropriate command. Wildcat fans are gentle with the expecting, after all, she is carrying a new little Wildcat fan. 


4. Game day Order of Operations: Clear your schedule ahead of time. Schedule family dinners accordingly. Get your gear on and/or ready. Check in with your crew. Check current stats of opposing team. Check social media for trash talk. Comment on social media hourly. “Like” and retweet every single Wildcat status. Make food.  A lot of it. Or arrive at game day location early to hold down the fort. Declare “Game is about to start. Everyone ready?” Then get it on. Wildcat Fan style. 

5. Sunday. Hug and smile at everyone because your heart is overflowing at the mulitude of Wildcat blue apparel in the sanctuary, accessorized by white, shiny blue and black.  It’s traditionally acceptable to wear your lucky t-shirt to church if the game is at 1:00 pm. If the game is at 2:00 pm or later, it is more appropriate to wear sweaters, slacks and scarves and blinged out jewelry with UK logo or team colors. 


6. Pet rescue centers pour it on thick during March, and dress the adoptable pets in fan gear. It works. It is perfectly acceptable to name your new dog Blue. Check out this sweetie from the Lexington Humane Society. 


7. Shopping and closet protocol. New fan gear goes in the front of the closet, last year’s fan gear goes behind that, ripped or torn gear is cut into a doggie bandana or made into a t-shirt quilt. Lucky shirts trump all and need the most accessible space in the laundry room.  After all, these shirts will be washed promptly after each game, ready to wear for the next game. 

8. Gift shops. All the best shops have a center table full of Wildcat merchandise. If they don’t, do you really need to shop there? No. 


9. New babies. All Kentucky Fan babies are given Wildcat onesies. It is very common for a new baby to have a drawer full of UK onesies, bibs, little sweat pants, booties and socks, toddler jersey, hoodie, leggings, and hair bows. Pre-birth. 


10. Fan gear reaches new heights, one creative product at a time. Take a look at this year’s viral must-have: 


11. Bourbon and the Wildcats go together like peaches and cream. 


12. “Y’all come back now, ya hear?!” If said during and/or after the game, especially in March, to our opponent, it is the Kentucky fan way to say “Bless your heart”. Game over. Next!

13. UK ornaments and fan trees. Blue and white ornaments adorn slim trees in many living rooms. All year long. 



14. Hashtags. Even your Mimi and Pops know that #bbn is a great way to keep up with all things Wildcat. Grandparents trending. Yessir! 

15. Want to see a quick tear come to a UK Wildcat fan’s eye? Ask them about taking their child to Rupp Arena for the first time. They might make it through the story with only a pat to their chest, but if they pull out the commemorating picture, the tear will fall.

Our favorite song…. The UK Fight Song! Enjoy! 


What do you do all DAY?

I get asked this every once in a while. Here’s the skinny on this rainy Kentucky day. 

Writing a blog post in between oil calls and accommodating a dog that wants to go inside outside inside outside, with a funny and active baby on my hip. 



Whistling lessons and “yell for Woody” coincide with the inside outside inside outside. 

My hard working little helper is sweetly chatty and giggly this week and I’ve lost count of his new words. Videos made of his sweetness taped and sent – check. 

Laundry is spinning, dog hair vacuumed, breakfast has been served, dishwasher is running, fresh cut flowers are in a pretty vase, doggie pee pad replaced and trash has been emptied. 


5k notes have been organized. Essential oil packages sent out. Online fundraisers have been checked on and calender has been double checked. 


Prayer partner calls are made and a check of freezer meals to send out are inventoried, which led to making a grocery list and quick coupon search. Adding chocolate chips and m&m’s so I can make cookies for the kids road trip tomorrow. Adding prayers of safe travels to my prayer list. 


A Tupperware bowl hat is the accessory of the day, because it makes the baby laugh. A dozen trips down the hall to see the “baby” in the mirror wear the Tupperware hat have Luke giggling and will help me hit 10,000 steps. Win Win. Seeing my green Shenanigans shirt in the mirror makes me happy. Seeing the  5 winter pounds I have put on… not so much. 

I’ve downloaded new music, confirmed going to a play tonight, checked on the time of the UK game, chugged a Gatorade and burned my lip on a hot scrambled egg. 

Getting the eggs out of the fridge, I saw my new Young Living eye cream so I applied, which reminded me to lay out my Jamberry nails and self tanner. Nap time will be a beauty buffet today. Wish me luck. 



Diaper change count: 2. Milk refill count: 1. Dances to preschool tv songs: 7? maybe 8. 

Sweetest moments of the morning… Pops calling Luke for a chat and Luke talking and singing back to him. Makes my heart happy. 

That’s about it so far. It’s now 10:00am. Time to unplug and have reading and music class. 

Wishing you the best of days filled with things that make your heart happy, too. 


Healthy is the new BEAUTIFUL 

Spring has sprung! And so have my thoughts on shaking off the winter frump. Healthy is the new beautiful. 

I have been working with the wellness company, Young Living, for quite a while now. The work has been a daily gentle reminder that our body is , genuinely, a temple. The body houses a beautiful system that needs proper fuel to function. That system is encased in another beautiful temple, our skin. 

To keep both running efficiently, we must care for them. 

Height, weight, age, BMI, body frame are all charted here in this link. It contains very simple information on how to determine your frame size, and a couple of weight charts depending on your goals. 


I don’t have plans to crash diet to fit into the proper box on the chart. 

I do, however, have plans, an action plan, to make better health a priority. 

My action plan is to eliminate processed foods, to eliminate diet drinks and sodas, add more clean eating foods, and add more water, and move more.  

I also, in one of our last classes, ran a zytoscan, to know what oils and supplements my body needs. I will add those in. 

I think that by thinking of food and drink as fuel, and thinking of exercise as conditioning and priming a well oiled machine, the number in the box will automatically line up in the healthy box. 

Good choices, no random or mindless bad fuel, no pressure to get to a certain number, no bone crushing exercise regimen, no magic quick loss poppycock. 

My choice, my actions, my oils and supplements. 

No excuses. 

Healthy is the new BEAUTIFUL. 

You are only as strong AS

I’m researching a couple of summer events and projects this week. I have a fresh new notepad for each one, and as I search, through Pinterest and the internet, I quickly sketch the basics and jot down links and notes.

I sketch as I go, as I have a really hard time sticking to the instructions and project steps. I inevitably wander a bit away as creativity takes over. I also like to mold a project using my preferred medium, whichever may apply. 

I am a mix of artisan and efficiency expert and event/project planner. The end result of any “set of instructions” project always ends up looking like more of my artistic athstetic and reflects my eclectic wheelhouse of skills. 

I love that my artisan and craft skills have matured over time. Working on project after project and event after event thru the years, using different mediums, has not only built my toolbox of supplies, it has built my toolbox of skills, honed my vision, sharpened my creative eye. 

There is a lot to learn from the construction and craft of pulling an event or project together cohesively. The big picture, the tiny details, time management, the moving parts, what is in your wheelhouse and what is not, the essentials, the nonessentials, the dimension of textures enhancing the whole. 

If you know me, you know none of this is new. 

Now. Here’s the thing. 

An interesting thing happened while I was perusing Pinterest. I realized I hadn’t looked at my boards in quite some time. I had pinned to them, but not looked through them. 

It was completely off task to take a look at each board. I am juggling a super tight schedule until July, and every hour counts. I just couldn’t help feeling lead to do so. 

I went with my gut, and not only looked through my boards, but rearranged pins, deleted some, and took a good swack at making the whole lot of it more relevant, took inventory. 

I also (gasp) deleted a couple of boards. Yes, deleted. I could have deleted the majority of pins on each board but it felt cleaner, crisper, more brave, more free to just delete the entire board.

The pins on those boards no longer served any purpose. 


In doing so, a little Godwink was able to shine through. 

Taking inventory, clearing away clutter, sweeping out the irrelevant, letting go of what is no longer of any value, is a valuable use of time. It’s important to do it regularly. It makes room for the cherished, and honors. Lifts the weight, and refreshes. 

The lesson is to apply it to much more than Pinterest boards. 

One step at a time. 


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