I can be your lucky penny

“Starting Over”

Well the road rolls out like a welcome mat
To a better place than the one we’re at
And I ain’t got no kinda plan
But I’ve had all of this town I can stand
And I got friends out on the coast
We can jump in the water and see what floats
We’ve been saving for a rainy day
Let’s beat the storm and be on our way

It don’t matter to me
Wherever we are is where I wanna be
And, honey, for once in our life
Let’s take our chances and roll the dice
I can be your lucky penny, you can be my four-leaf clover
Starting over

This might not be an easy time
There’s rivers to cross and hills to climb
Some days we might fall apart
And some nights might feel cold and dark
When nobody wins afraid of losing
And the hard roads are the ones worth choosing
Some day we’ll look back and smile
And know it was worth every mile

It don’t matter to me
Wherever we are is where I wanna be
And, honey, for once in our life
Let’s take our chances and roll the dice
I can be your lucky penny, you can be my four-leaf clover
Starting over
Starting over

It don’t matter to me
Wherever we are is where I wanna be
And, honey, for once in our life
Let’s take our chances and roll the dice
I can be your lucky penny, you can be my four-leaf clover
Starting over
Starting over

Written By Chris Stapleton & Mike Henderson

pen to PAPER

Write it down. All of it. Daily.

Journal it, record it, jot it, type it.

Just write it down.

This is an historic event. This is an historic time.

You are the historian. You. You are the historian. Write your story.

Future students will piece together a rich tapestry of every logistic, tempo, stress point, breaking point, sanctuary, trial, tribulation, turn of events, shut down, point loss, market gain, missed opportunity, cancellation, shining moment.

Leave the expertise to the experts. Continue to write your story daily. How did you feel? Who did you talk to? How were they feeling? What did they say was affecting their routine? What closings affected you most? Were there more closings today? Were you able to function and acquire what you needed for the day? Who did you help? What did they need? Is the disruption to your life affecting your health? Where are you getting your statistical information from? Where are you getting your news? What have you learned?

Put pen to paper. We can’t wait to read your story.

chalk your WALK

We completed a sweet Sunday art project today.

It was a welcome distraction in these days of uncertainty.

We are adjusting to our new schedules and adapting to staying home. We have made use of the first few days of our Kentucky #healthyathome initiative to catch up on rest, talk over our new schedules and workspace, and inventory our supplies for our time at home. Next week we will be doing home projects and a new physical home exercise plan.

I saw this community art project prompt on a friend’s Facebook feed.

What a great idea! Absolutely! I’m in! Here’s why.

Our hometown, Frankfort, is the capital city of Kentucky. We are forever aware of every political process our state faces. Many of our friends and family work for State Government. We can drive down our beautiful Capital Avenue any day of the week, and the reminder of our political stance is house in the beautiful historical buildings we see.

Governor Andy Beshear has led Kentucky, during this worldwide pandemic, with strong decisions on closures, and also with an exemplary, calm demeanor. He has met this crisis head on, and instilled trust across the board, regardless of party affiliation. He has continually asked Kentuckians to stay home. The multilevel care in the midst of the plea to stay home has been bolstered by recommendations for self-care, community care, and reminders for being kind and good neighbors. The self-care he has recommended includes staying at home, getting outside for fresh air, engaging in family activities, taking walks while social distancing, communication with others, and more.

What could be better to support our Governor’s recommendations than an outdoor, community inspired, relaxing, family art project! I hope our neighbors are enjoying it as they walk around the block!

Here We Go!
Grid is Finished, Time To Chalk
It’s Getting There!

give us faith so we’ll be SAFE

“The Prayer”(featuring Josh Groban and Charlotte Church) 

I pray you’ll be our eyes

And watch us where we go

And help us to be wise

In times when we don’t know
Let this be our prayer

As we go our way

Lead us to a place

Guide us with your Grace

To a place where we’ll be safe
La luce che tu dai

I pray we’ll find your light

Nel cuore restera

And hold it in our hearts

A ricordarci che

When stars go out each night

L’eterna stella sei
Nella mia preghiera

Let this be our prayer

Quanta fede c’e

When shadows fill our day

Lead us to a place

Guide us with your grace

Give us faith so we’ll be safe.
Sogniamo un mondo senza piu violenza

Un mondo di giustizia e di speranza

Ognuno dia la mano al suo vicino

Simbolo di pace e di fraternita
La forza che ci dai

We ask that life be kind

E’il desiderio che

And watch us from above

Ognuno trovi amore

We hope each soul will find

Intorno e dentro a se

Another soul to love
Let this be our prayer

Let this be our prayer

Just like every child

Just like every child
Needs to find a place,

Guide us with your grace

Give us faith so we’ll be safe
E la fede che

Hai acceso in noi

Sento che ci salvera

march forth

It’s been the best day. Truly.

It’s been a hardworking day as well. Those are always the best. I love looking back at the day’s work and productivity, and resting easy when the day is done.

Most of the day was filled with the littles and wiping stuffy noses, fixing comfort food snacks and giving extra hugs and love. We had a sweet day of dancing, play doh, Uno and Mother May I.

Nap time was perfect for ordering utility things like tags and mailers for the shop, putting in special orders, offering sale sweatshirts to the monogram group, ordering some beautiful accessories, and checking tracking numbers for a big order that’s due to come in.

During this quiet time, I was thinking about the date. I saw a March 4th post early this morning. I didn’t get the reference right away. I was hustling this morning with an early morning drop off. By the time I saw it a few times, it finally made sense.

“March 4th. The only day that gives direction” or something to that effect. So, of course, being a collector of thoughts, I thought about it this afternoon. What a great day to acknowledge where you’re standing, and where you want to go.

March 4th. March forth.

Well. I am my Momma’s daughter, so that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Sweetheart Scrub

It’s a perfect day to share a sweet recipe for a Brown Sugar & Vanilla Body Scrub. Sweet at any time of the year, and perfectly Valentine treat worthy!

I keep this recipe close, for quickly making anytime I want to treat my skin to a fabulous and gentle skin nourishing treat.

It’s just that simple.

Apply a scoop of scrub to your skin in a circular motion, to use as a gentle exfoliant. There’s no need to scrub vigorously, the sugar will do the work.

You can apply in the shower, or apply before slipping in to a warm milk bath. The oil will have your skin baby soft either way.

It’s always best to do a test patch on your wrist before using anything on your skin. Sunflower oil is gentle. However, if you have a reaction on your wrist, it can be replaced with other (fatty) carrier oils of your choice.

This sweet scrub can be made up per use, or made and stored in a sealed jar. A mason jar will do, as it should be used within a week or two.


Sweetheart Summer Salad

Summer salads. You just can’t beat a great salad filled with beauties picked right out of the backyard garden.

This quick salad is a staple on summer supper tables in Kentucky. Tastes great, keeps well and is really good for you.

There are a couple of tips to this salad that I will share with you.

  • The ingredients are all “to taste”. Start with this basic recipe then tweak to your liking. Won’t hurt a thing to add a bit more of one ingredient or another. I peppered this batch up like a champ.
  • Every southern belle has a different flair with this salad so taste it at every summer supper party you go to.
  • You can slice, chunk, or dice the cucumbers and tomatoes. I suggest slicing the onions in thin strips so that they soften.
  • Peeling the cucumbers and tomatoes is entirely up to you. I used fancy little mini cucumbers this time so there was no need to peel. I peel or half peel hefty garden cucumbers.
  • Why whisk the liquids first? One reason. So that they start to marry as you are chopping the vegetables. The quicker they blend, the quicker it’s on the table.

your own standards

Judge your success by your own standards.

Today I juggled 3 babies under 5.

I had them singing and laughing through the morning. We played outside, and checked the herbs and tomatoes.

I had them all fed and down for a nap at the same time.

I taught the middle a new song while gaining her trust to have her poop in the potty. It was precious time together.

I encouraged the big through his tears of having to move his Batman art installation from blocking the hall to the potty. I knew he could recreate it. He was proud of himself when he did.

I shared our day with family and posted new products to work a few minutes with no guilt.

I served bottles and sippy cups and favorite snacks and managed to cut up a watermelon.

Happy squeals about watermelon are the music of angels.

We had sprinkler day in new bikinis and dinosaur trunks that fit and were an instant hit.

We do more than survive. We thrive here. I am a success.

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