Under the WEATHER

Under the weather and doing everything holistic I know to do to speed recovery. I have oils diffusing. I have soaked in a detox bath. I have meditated, prayed and rested. I have sipped on lemon honey tea, juice for Vitamin C and filtered water. I have candles burning, a good book to read and […]

Love y’all. Every DAY

Been saying it the same way for years. “Love y’all. Every day.” Love my friends and family. Thankful for you. Every day. Stop by my Facebook page. Quick updates, coupons, free Kindle books and funnies. http://www.facebook.com/mysweetheartlife

What do you do all DAY

I got asked this question again today. What do you do all day? I wanted so badly to say something trite or sarcastic. I wanted to say, everything you do but with a baby on my hip, no set schedule, dirty diapers and without a secretary. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything so pointed. […]

It’s about to get SASSY up in here

Fabric Fabric Fabric! Washed and ironed and ready to roll! New projects and a whole day to stitch away! Here we go! I’m having a “500 Likes” promotion on facebook. Share my page and have a chance to win monogrammed prizes. http://www.facebook.com/mysweetheartlife