Social media and real LIFE

Someone recently compared me (as weaker than) to someone who frequently posts pictures of herself in the gym, lifting various measures of weights. Sweating, visibly struggling, wearing branded sportswear, lifting barbells, etc. I don’t post pictures of myself lifting and carrying the heavy boxes of apparel and supplies for my business. I don’t post pictures […]

Project of the day… SQUIRREL!

Little French Country squirrel hanger. Love it. I’m going to just look at it for a while before I hang anything on it. I’m thinking of dry brushing the black screws with cream paint. I’m leaning towards hanging decoupage black and white family pics onto thin wood plaques and hanging them with twine or ribbon. […]

Supervising a Super VISION

It was a dark and stormy night… Not really. It is a dark, cold, winter early morning is what it really is. I’m having coffee and gathering pictures and words, and my thoughts. I’m creating a vision board. Four actually. Four squares of cork. Cork. Is cork strong enough to hold all of my goals/wishes/wants? […]

A quick Saturday CAN CAN

Here is a quick little project that can repurpose a CAN. Speaking of CAN CANS: I am saving our empty formula cans, as I am sure that they will come in handy for craft storage. Here is the first project: Gather up: fabric and coordinating ribbon, a clean can, adhesive of choice. Instructions: Remove […]