When you say “yes” to one thing… you are saying “no” to ANOTHER

Random thought as I begin… I was discussing blogging last night with a young man who asked if I scheduled topics or just wrote. My answer was “You know, I sit down to write about, say Coke Zero, and all this other stuff comes out instead”. That is pretty much true with this post as […]

This is the way we wash our CLOTHES

I love my friends. All of them. For so many different reasons. Each friend has a talent or an affinity for something I admire greatly. A long time friend, Laura Kelly-Walters, is a talented artist, with many accomplishments. She followed her heart and her passion for drawing, and created the darling and popular line, Me […]

The Shoemaker’s Wife Has SHOES

It has been a busy couple of weeks here in my workshop. And wonderfully, all projects have been for me, my family, friends and the new baby (who is to arrive in just 9 more weeks). The days of custom monogramming and working in my former retail shop hold a fond memory but it is really […]

Homemade goodness in a Cream HORN

It’s always good to challenge yourself. Some challenges are big, some are small, and some just taste good (if everything turns out well). I have always wanted to make cream horns. My friend, Lisa, makes beautiful ones, so I asked her for baking tips. What I got was her SECRET! Yep, I was given the secret to […]