A Friendly Frankenstein Halloween Design Project HOP

A Halloween Hop! Fun, right? Yep! What is a HOP, you ask? A hop, in this case, is a group of artists and designers using the same basic set of craft supplies to create a project. In some hops, you are to use only what is provided. In this hop, we had carte blanche to add to the […]

Halloween classic MOVIES

Ok. So just play along. I’m doing a tech check to see if I have figured out the bug that was not letting my blog share to Facebook. Too many new tricks for this old dog…. but here we go. We are a “movie” family. We all enjoy snuggling in with snacks and drinks and […]

Welcome AUTUMN

I love Autumn! We are decorating our house for Autumn! It is the beginning of the season, and the beginning of how we will transform our home into a pumpkin-filled delight. It is a chilly September day in Kentucky. The air is cool and the sun is hiding behind thick hanging clouds, preparing us for […]