Best of 2014

Originally posted on Juliana Lee:
This has been an awesome year for picture books! I have been having a blast reading and writing about picture books this year. I’ve been blown away by the talented authors and illustrators published in the last twelve months. Like so many other sites, I wanted to create my own…

Winter Crafting… Teen STYLE… Hannah’s Hot Chocolate

It’s officially winter! You wouldn’t know it with our smattering of warm days throughout the holiday season here in Kentucky. Today was a beautiful sunny day. Clear skies of a beautiful shade of blue. Sunshine and crisp wind. Beautiful. Chilly. It’s feeling a bit more like we are heading into winter now that a cold […]

The Maestro of Pancake FLIPPERY

Oh Oona. You could be mine, dear. A chip off this old sweetheart: brunette pigtails, a bit of a ragamuffin, passionate, bright, funny, foodie… I love Master Chef and Master Chef Junior. Yep, I’m a Chef Ramsay fan. I’m catching up on the current season of Master Chef Junior and Oona throws this gem out […]

Patience is a VIRTUE

I just hit delete on a whole big blog post. And it feels delish. I have the giggles of it. It all needed to come up and out but really just belongs in a journal. Penning it came in a rush of joy. And victory. And relief. And love. And the realization of that, and […]