ready for a ROADTRIP So ready for a ROADTRIP.  Filling up my music stash with an eclectic mix of swamp and ballads. Makes my heart happy.  Highways and Clouds by Amos Lee Highways, clouds Ain’t no stopping, it’s all I’ve gotten As far as I’ve dropped in, as far as I’ve come I’m from the badlands Raised up […]

April Fool’s! 

April Fool’s Day is a day for silly pranks and good, clean fun for family and friends.  Back in the day, my mother let us come up with little tricks like reconstructing empty banana peels, the famous “finger in a box” trick and she sat through countless tall tales as we did our best with […]

My cheeky READERS

Happy one year of blogging to me! It’s been a fun year! I was looking thru some blog stats, facebook insights, twitter feeds, etc. last night. One blog post still stands out as the “most read”. Why? Not the subject matter, the content, and certainly not the author. It’s the title. I don’t need a […]