And you MAKE IT

When your goal is to stay in the race and cross the finish line…. running-walking-crawling-learning-praying-crying-laughing-asking for mercy-being drug-doing the dragging-praying-tripping-rising-falling-bruising-healing-bending-breaking-singing-cursing-sweating-praying-gutting it out… And you make it.  There is nothing harder.  And nothing sweeter.  I am not perfect. My life is not perfect. I just choose, every day, to stay in the race.  That’s all.  #lifegoals  […]


It’s never easy to be the catalyst of change.  It is, at the same time, an honest task and a heavy burden. At the beginning, when you don’t understand that’s what you have been called to do… you chafe against the call. Because it is difficult and you don’t understand the opposition of your person. You […]

And you are it’s PEARL

The world is your oyster. And you are it’s pearl. Of course it is. Of course you are. Growing in the dark, grimy, gritty place in the world, yet protected. And when you are ready….  A pearl.  Beautiful.  For each one of my beautiful family and friends and most importantly, my children and grandson. A […]