Every DAY


This is the view from here. 

It probably looks like a wild mess to you.  

I love it. No apologies. It’s all my favorite things, just turned upside down, that’s all. 

Our poor big dog, Woodrow, is in the middle of the floor, tired from throwing up the taco shells I tossed to our sweet backyard birds. Sorry, Woods! Glad he did that outside! 

The kitchen desk/cabinet is being replaced with a beautiful cabinet to house our favorite kitchen gadgets. I’ll paint it this weekend. Not today. 

The dining table is out of place to accommodate the construction, and is full of merchandise orders in various stages of shipping. All I see is a business being blessed. 

The baby is awake and “helping” me, and playing cars. Why? Because I dropped a stainless steel tumbler in the kitchen floor in the middle of nap time. He’s a sound sleeper but nobody could have slept through that bouncing metal clamor. We’ll pick up the toys later. Not now. We have a race track to race! 

And me… My cowlicks are in rare form. I’ll try a hair wrap, when I get a minute, to tame the madness. Small price to pay for a sweet night of sleep in a Jenga of arms and legs with my beloved husband. I’m in a comfy cute t-shirt instead of business attire because I mostly work from home. The toddler is much happier when I am active and doesn’t care one hoot if I have on heels. I’ll dress the part tomorrow, to make deliveries. Not today. 

What a blessed mess. 

I’m grateful. Every day. 

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