15 Fan-tastic Madness Facts in Kentucky Wildcat Country 

Deep in the heart of Kentucky, you will find something like no other.  The Kentucky Wildcat Fan.  You will find this fan among the sea of many tried-and-true, loyal-and-royal blue Wildcat Basketball fans and followers. All season long they chant and cheer and compare statistics and prepare for March Madness.  Here is a list of […]

What do you do all DAY?

I get asked this every once in a while. Here’s the skinny on this rainy Kentucky day.  Writing a blog post in between oil calls and accommodating a dog that wants to go inside outside inside outside, with a funny and active baby on my hip.       Whistling lessons and “yell for Woody” coincide […]

Healthy is the new BEAUTIFUL 

Spring has sprung! And so have my thoughts on shaking off the winter frump. Healthy is the new beautiful.  I have been working with the wellness company, Young Living, for quite a while now. The work has been a daily gentle reminder that our body is , genuinely, a temple. The body houses a beautiful […]

You are only as strong AS

I’m researching a couple of summer events and projects this week. I have a fresh new notepad for each one, and as I search, through Pinterest and the internet, I quickly sketch the basics and jot down links and notes. I sketch as I go, as I have a really hard time sticking to the […]