Fad diets… Bad diets

Blog Challenge: Op Ed on Random Topic Given. Here we go.  Fad diets. So yesterday. At least they should be. Fad diets. Bad diets.  It’s 2015. The day and age of a wealth of good health information everywhere we turn.  Every single food item in the grocery has a nutrition chart prominently listed on the […]

Handy little garden TIPS

   I love the gardening tips that have been shared with me through the years. Here are a few of my own.  Gardening is hard work. Don’t fight it. Settle in to it.  Hard work in good company goes faster. Enjoy the solitude of your thoughts or listen to an audio book or play good […]

On LeTTinG Go…

   Well said.  You may not be in the place to understand this. And that’s ok.  It may be too soon, you may be new in your faith, you may not be in a place of peace or growth to absorb it…. yet.  I get it. Tuck it away for later. It’s so well said.  […]

What a wonderful WORLD

It’s all in how you look at it.  What a whirlwind season of celebration this is!  What I woke up to this morning, from a realist’s perspective, is a big stack of laundry, the ironing supplies in the hallway, shoes strewn across the floor, party buckets and bins and platters to be put away, dishes […]