Best of 2014

Here is a great list of books for children from a fellow WordPress blogger, Juliana Lee. Don’t get me started in how important I think reading and a love of books is, especially from an early age. My grandson (15 months old) and I have independent reading time and together reading time every day. Every day. Enjoy!

Juliana Lee


This has been an awesome year for picture books!

I have been having a blast reading and writing about picture books this year. I’ve been blown away by the talented authors and illustrators published in the last twelve months. Like so many other sites, I wanted to create my own Top 10 list, but honestly there are so many superb picture books, I can’t limit my 2014 favorites to only 10 so I’ve chosen 25 instead. And even that was difficult!

Let me say right up front that there are many books on other ‘best books’ lists that I have not read, but these are my picks based on the ones I have read and featured on my blog this year. You can go back and look at what I thought about each one individually by following the title link back to my recommendations.

I seriously couldn’t put these in…

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