Frosted Cranberry Pecan Bark

Frosted Cranberry Pecan Bark

So yummy! An original recipe straight from the Sweetheart kitchen.

Inspiration is everywhere. Especially in my pantry that I keep full of different gourmet baking bits.

I was hosting a winter bridal shower themed in red and white. I wanted to add in something different to my kitchen that was quickly filling with peppermint sweets. Inspiration.. dried cranberries. They are a beautiful shade of rustic red. Now what? A few creative thoughts later and waa-laa!

Frosted Cranberry Pecan Bark!

Prep is a snap. Simply line a baking sheet (with edges) with wax paper and you are ready to go! Here is the recipe:

Frosted Cranberry Pecan Bark
Almond bark, melted
Small pkg. dried cranberries
Pecan pieces
Clear sparkling sugar crystals

Melt almond bark, or your favorite white chocolate, to package directions. Working quickly, save out 1/4 to 1/2 cup, pour the rest onto prepped baking pan. Spread to desired thickness. Sprinkle on cranberries and pecans. Drizzle with the extra almond bark that you have set aside. This will help hold the cranberries and pecans in. Sprinkle liberally with the sugar crystals, for a snowy frosted look.

That’s it! Let sit until set. Break apart or cut into squares using a sharp knife.

It makes a beautiful presentation for your dessert buffet or gifts for the neighbors.



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