What do you do all DAY?

I get asked this every once in a while. Here’s the skinny on this rainy Kentucky day.  Writing a blog post in between oil calls and accommodating a dog that wants to go inside outside inside outside, with a funny and active baby on my hip.       Whistling lessons and “yell for Woody” coincide […]

An update on PROSPERITY

WoW! June. Already? Time to take a minute and reflect on my word of the year… PrOsPeRiTy. This year has been chock full of challenges. Full of blessings, too. The challenges have been just that, challenging. Not necessarily in a bad way. A challenge is an opportunity to learn and stretch and grow. When I […]

What do you do all DAY

I got asked this question again today. What do you do all day? I wanted so badly to say something trite or sarcastic. I wanted to say, everything you do but with a baby on my hip, no set schedule, dirty diapers and without a secretary. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything so pointed. […]

When you say “yes” to one thing… you are saying “no” to ANOTHER

Random thought as I begin… I was discussing blogging last night with a young man who asked if I scheduled topics or just wrote. My answer was “You know, I sit down to write about, say Coke Zero, and all this other stuff comes out instead”. That is pretty much true with this post as […]