10 things not to say to someone who works from HOME

1. Since you are “just at home” can you bring me this, launder that, cook this, etc. (Ummm can you cook me a meal while you are at work? No? Exactly)  2. You work, but it’s not like you’re at the office or have jackwagon co-workers to deal with. (Chill. We all have our jackwagon […]


There are some serious freedoms and joyful moments that come from working from home.  There are some serious freedom and joyful moments that come from working outside the home.  What’s the pits for both? The SUPER SHINY Internet, that’s what!  Creative brains have a hard time not noticing shiny bits and baubles. The little details […]

What do you do all DAY?

I get asked this every once in a while. Here’s the skinny on this rainy Kentucky day.  Writing a blog post in between oil calls and accommodating a dog that wants to go inside outside inside outside, with a funny and active baby on my hip.       Whistling lessons and “yell for Woody” coincide […]