you love me so Taking time to listen. He loves me so.  “Up To The Mountain (MLK Song)” I went up to the mountain Because you asked me to Up over the clouds To where the sky was blue I could see all around me Everywhere I could see all around me Everywhere Sometimes I feel like I’ve […]

The Facebook Marriage Photo Challenge. Keeping it REALĀ 

Some days we are a glittery wedding cake and some days we are a busted can of biscuits. Right now we are more like a pretty anniversary cake that slid a little on the way to the party. I love seeing everyone’s pictures because it’s a great reminder that they know exactly what it takes […]

Thorns. Nope. Over IT

It’s here!  The day I liberate myself. No apologies.  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… yada yada.  Well, guess what. A rose by any other name would pierce just as fiercely. How about that?  I’m over it. I’ve been fighting the thorns long enough. I’ve come in from the garden thorn-scratched […]

Good advice to MYSELF

Question. Have you, like me, seen something like this floating around your social media newsfeed: If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be? I’ve seen several prompts like this lately. “Two words to your teenage self” and “Best advice to your college self” and “If I could write a letter […]