LOVE. from out of left field. 

This is probably going to seem like it’s coming from left field… but I’ve seen this Bible passage a lot lately, so here we go. Colossians. Chapter 3. I love the instructions for living found in the Bible. There are so many chapters and verses that I go back to in times of celebration and […]

What a wonderful WORLD

It’s all in how you look at it.  What a whirlwind season of celebration this is!  What I woke up to this morning, from a realist’s perspective, is a big stack of laundry, the ironing supplies in the hallway, shoes strewn across the floor, party buckets and bins and platters to be put away, dishes […]

Dancing with the STARS

There is joy in God’s refining, when you relax into it.  Difficult circumstances bring blessed opportunities for growth.   “Maybe this is what had to happen to make me the man I am today.” That’s a man who has come to the end of himself, let go, and let God. What a joy to watch.  […]