An update on PROSPERITY

WoW! June. Already? Time to take a minute and reflect on my word of the year… PrOsPeRiTy. This year has been chock full of challenges. Full of blessings, too. The challenges have been just that, challenging. Not necessarily in a bad way. A challenge is an opportunity to learn and stretch and grow. When I […]

A day In The Life Towards PROSPERITY

Prosperity doesn’t just happen. It takes work. Efficient work takes planning. Planning takes organization. So, yep. I have a calendar, a business day runner, pocket planner, a small calendar and notepad for the refrigerator and darling Vera Bradley personal planner to keep my daily/weekly/monthly activities straight. I need a refill for my Vera Bradley planner. […]

Resolution GIDDY

I’m cleaning and reorganizing, sorting and labeling EVERYTHING in the workshop. Absolutely obsessed with making it easier on myself as things get busy busy busier. I have a tote bag that has been a catch-all for paperwork. Non-urgent, to-deal-with-later paperwork. I went thru it last night and found my resolution cards for 2012. In December […]