Bed & Breakfast BIRDHOUSE

Quick and Easy.  No muss. No fuss.  Darling results.  What could be better than that for pampering your spring  birds?  I spotted a sweet little birdhouse at a local discount store yesterday. I loved the shape and the price, but the gray roof was a little drab.         I can fix that! With a […]

Take one down… Pass it AROUND

Six hundred and forty nine unfinished projects to do… Six hundred forty nine… Take one down…pass it around…. Six hundred and forty eight unfinished projects to do! Guess what I’m doing the next couple of weeks? Yep, FiNiShiNg PrOjEcTs! The holiday project calendar is getting full, my favorite, so that is a great incentive to […]

Sweetly Simple Santa Crafts-Santa Candy Bars

Who doesn’t love a Hershey Bar. I mean, really. Yes, there are wonderful chocolate bars in every price range. Yes, I love those, too, and think some are simply divine. But there is something really terrific about a traditional Hershey Bar. Everyone I know eats a Hershey Bar differently. Square by square.. row by row… […]

An interest in PINTEREST

Pinterest. The online Queen of Inspiring Ideas. Ideas only, for most, as my quick survey of┬ápinner friends quickly pointed out. I have to admit I was surprised, and a bit relieved, that most pinners “pin”. Not “do”. Pinning is the hobby they have acquired, not project crafting. Interesting. I was surprised, because most, if not […]