let it be 

It is enough to admire and enjoy something naturally beautiful. To let it be. To see the gift it is. To let it be. Catching it, caging it, poking and prodding and taking it apart may get you the answers you need… but in the process, you have altered and tamed and destroyed it as […]

you love me so

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=shTQ5UTbfsM Taking time to listen. He loves me so.  “Up To The Mountain (MLK Song)” I went up to the mountain Because you asked me to Up over the clouds To where the sky was blue I could see all around me Everywhere I could see all around me Everywhere Sometimes I feel like I’ve […]

LOVE. from out of left field. 

This is probably going to seem like it’s coming from left field… but I’ve seen this Bible passage a lot lately, so here we go. Colossians. Chapter 3. I love the instructions for living found in the Bible. There are so many chapters and verses that I go back to in times of celebration and […]

Healthy is the new BEAUTIFUL 

Spring has sprung! And so have my thoughts on shaking off the winter frump. Healthy is the new beautiful.  I have been working with the wellness company, Young Living, for quite a while now. The work has been a daily gentle reminder that our body is , genuinely, a temple. The body houses a beautiful […]

Warming up my cold October BONES

It’s a chilly October day in central Kentucky. I’m cold to my bones. The first days back from the warm Florida sun are always hard. The return to the Kentucky autumn chill makes my bones feel like they clatter and clank. The wind whips and reminds me that winter is coming. The sky is layered […]

A gorgeous ending to a precious DAY

I woke up this morning to the sweet sound of a heavy rain on a tin roof. Perfect excuse to hit snooze and let the pier fishes relax. This fishergirl was sleeping in. I love to storm watch and I especially love to see an ocean storm roll in. Churning grey clouds, salty winds blowing […]