ready for a ROADTRIP So ready for a ROADTRIP.  Filling up my music stash with an eclectic mix of swamp and ballads. Makes my heart happy.  Highways and Clouds by Amos Lee Highways, clouds Ain’t no stopping, it’s all I’ve gotten As far as I’ve dropped in, as far as I’ve come I’m from the badlands Raised up […]

Hello Monday

Monday! Fresh new week and fresh new task list. Love that!  My inbox is quickly filling up. My plan is to start with the quick and easy tasks and tackle others as the day progresses. Work tasks and home tasks will dance around the top priority of providing childcare.  There is one carryover work item […]


Opportunity. Sometimes you accept opportunity and sometimes you let it slip by, or turn it down. One thing is for sure, either way, you will think back to the opportunities you have had. You may not have recognized the full scope of what lay right in front of you. It may have just looked like […]