Call it GRACE

Loving this. It isn’t crazy or foolish to look on the bright side. It’s just an understanding of grace.  Unspoken-Call It Grace It’s the light that pierces through youTo the darkest hidden place It knows your deepest secrets But it never looks away It’s the gentle hand that pulls you From the judgment of […]

Thorns. Nope. Over IT

It’s here!  The day I liberate myself. No apologies.  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… yada yada.  Well, guess what. A rose by any other name would pierce just as fiercely. How about that?  I’m over it. I’ve been fighting the thorns long enough. I’ve come in from the garden thorn-scratched […]

Lovely DAYS

   The last couple of weeks have been lovely. Absolutely and truly lovely in the purest sense of the word.  The seasons are changing. The wind carries a hint of autumn. Summer isn’t fully ready to let go and rest for the year, but it will be soon. The leaves are turning into their brilliant […]

On LeTTinG Go…

   Well said.  You may not be in the place to understand this. And that’s ok.  It may be too soon, you may be new in your faith, you may not be in a place of peace or growth to absorb it…. yet.  I get it. Tuck it away for later. It’s so well said.  […]

What a wonderful WORLD

It’s all in how you look at it.  What a whirlwind season of celebration this is!  What I woke up to this morning, from a realist’s perspective, is a big stack of laundry, the ironing supplies in the hallway, shoes strewn across the floor, party buckets and bins and platters to be put away, dishes […]