It’s never easy to be the catalyst of change. It is, at the same time, an honest task and a heavy burden. At the beginning, when you don’t understand that’s what you have been called to do… you chafe against the call. Because it is difficult and you don’t understand the opposition of your person. […]

try try try Try Natasha Bedingfield LYRICS Don’t throw it away just because it’s broken ‘Cause anything can mend Don’t call it a day just because the road’s blocked Doesn’t mean we’re at the end If it’s something you love, you don’t leave it If it’s something you care for, you keep it It’s never too far, […]

let it BURN

Maturity. Last straw maturity. No longer running onto a flaming bridge someone else chose to burn.  Go on and throw that match, my friend.  I’ll watch our bridge catch fire and and then walk away, continually praying for you.  That’s dignity. That’s grace. That’s all.    

LOVE. from out of left field. 

This is probably going to seem like it’s coming from left field… but I’ve seen this Bible passage a lot lately, so here we go. Colossians. Chapter 3. I love the instructions for living found in the Bible. There are so many chapters and verses that I go back to in times of celebration and […]

What a wonderful WORLD

It’s all in how you look at it.  What a whirlwind season of celebration this is!  What I woke up to this morning, from a realist’s perspective, is a big stack of laundry, the ironing supplies in the hallway, shoes strewn across the floor, party buckets and bins and platters to be put away, dishes […]

The KEY to friendship

We’ve all heard the quote “the beginning of a friendship often begins with me, too”  Nothing is more true than the beginnings of friendships between parents of children who have the same medical diagnosis. It also holds true with parents of children with special needs, even while the conditions are different.  Who else would understand, […]