Call it GRACE

Loving this. It isn’t crazy or foolish to look on the bright side. It’s just an understanding of grace.  Unspoken-Call It Grace It’s the light that pierces through youTo the darkest hidden place It knows your deepest secrets But it never looks away It’s the gentle hand that pulls you From the judgment of […]

LOVE. from out of left field. 

This is probably going to seem like it’s coming from left field… but I’ve seen this Bible passage a lot lately, so here we go. Colossians. Chapter 3. I love the instructions for living found in the Bible. There are so many chapters and verses that I go back to in times of celebration and […]

FiGhT NaKeD!

Inspiration! FiGhT NaKeD! I love the inspiration, insight and humor of Fierce Marriage. This is a great article, with great tips, and not just the naked part. Sweetheart Challenge: the next time you are getting ready for a knock-down-drag- out… Get naked! Buck naked. Walk right over to your spouse and strip down. Nose […]