Fad diets… Bad diets

Blog Challenge: Op Ed on Random Topic Given. Here we go.  Fad diets. So yesterday. At least they should be. Fad diets. Bad diets.  It’s 2015. The day and age of a wealth of good health information everywhere we turn.  Every single food item in the grocery has a nutrition chart prominently listed on the […]

Mimi’s Meringue Kisses

Sweetly Simple. Easy to make and bake. Beautiful presentation. What’s not to love about Meringue Kisses. My tip: use quality ingredients. The best your budget will allow. Martha Stewart has a million and one recipes for fun and fancy meringue inspired creations. http://www.marthastewart.com/1058620/meringue-cookies I’m a fan of simple meringue kisses for a snow inspired winter […]

A spooky sweet walk among the HAYSTACKS

It’s officially AUTUMN! I made my first batch of butterscotch haystacks last week. I know, I know… Many other things herald the autumn season. The official date of the turning season, for one, and also corn shocks being gathered, the return of pumpkin spice lattes, boots and jacket weather, falling leaves, football games and more. […]

The value of a stocked PANTRY

I love to cook. Always have. Both of my grandmothers cooked. Different styles, different flavor combinations, different personalities. I adapted to both and often find myself combining their styles into one for family dinners. Complex spice combinations paired with lean meats and sophistication to honor my Nannie. Comfort food and fun in the kitchen with […]

Ho Ho Ho Dark Chocolate Cookie KRINGLES

Oh the JOY of an easy recipe! Three ingredients and a little patience…. and wah-lah! Gorgeous cookies perfect for the chocolate lovers of the bunch! My best friend’s mom made these growing up. My mom made tons of baked goods and candies from hand pulled cream candy, to divinity, to classic cookies, to a traditional […]

Peanut Butter COOKIES

I made my Granddaddy’s favorite cookies yesterday. He loved peanut butter. And he loved peanut butter cookies. He loved the ones with the chocolate kisses on top, too. Here is the recipe from The Gooseberry Patch Celebrate Autumn Cookbook. This book came out in 1996 and I still love it. I use it and other […]

Sweetheart Pasta SAUCE

   Mmmmmmm. My kitchen smells delicious. I’m enjoying just smelling the sweet tomato goodness, as I have sipped and slurped too many tastes of my pasta sauce. I’m sharing two recipes today. I’m hoping that when you see how quick, easy, yummy it is to make your own sauce…. you will just say no to […]