your own standards

Judge your success by your own standards.

Today I juggled 3 babies under 5.

I had them singing and laughing through the morning. We played outside, and checked the herbs and tomatoes.

I had them all fed and down for a nap at the same time.

I taught the middle a new song while gaining her trust to have her poop in the potty. It was precious time together.

I encouraged the big through his tears of having to move his Batman art installation from blocking the hall to the potty. I knew he could recreate it. He was proud of himself when he did.

I shared our day with family and posted new products to work a few minutes with no guilt.

I served bottles and sippy cups and favorite snacks and managed to cut up a watermelon.

Happy squeals about watermelon are the music of angels.

We had sprinkler day in new bikinis and dinosaur trunks that fit and were an instant hit.

We do more than survive. We thrive here. I am a success.

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