It’s never easy to be the catalyst of change. It is, at the same time, an honest task and a heavy burden. At the beginning, when you don’t understand that’s what you have been called to do… you chafe against the call. Because it is difficult and you don’t understand the opposition of your person. You question everything. You fall to the criticism and question your very being. And as you pray for divine intervention, God is silent. And it hurts. So you armor yourself in the shield of scripture and faith. And pray again. You begin to use what you have and what you know to help yourself. Because if God calls you to it, He has already equipped you for it. You pray, this time, for strength and clarity, and begin to understand. As it is clear, that you have been chosen to bring about a greater good, you relax into it, the chafing eases and you relearn how to obey. No more chafing, no more questioning, just a resolve to hold steady. In truth. Change is never easy. And there is always a catalyst for it. The strongest people are called to it. They are the warriors. And there is a divine reward waiting for them. Grace and mercy will be their gift to give and also what they are given, by the only One who counts. Lord, have mercy on the warriors today. Grant them peace and a day of rest.


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