10 things not to say to someone who works from HOME

1. Since you are “just at home” can you bring me this, launder that, cook this, etc. (Ummm can you cook me a meal while you are at work? No? Exactly) 

2. You work, but it’s not like you’re at the office or have jackwagon co-workers to deal with. (Chill. We all have our jackwagon days. Even you. If you hate your office staff so much then find a new job. And, co-workers would mean I have help and resources, which would be great on some projects FYI) 

3. You’re so lucky. (No I’m not, I chose this. I’m brave and confident. I’m smart, dedicated and a great multi-tasker) 

4. You can sleep in every day. (Not touching this one. Moving on) 

5. You can take off any time you want. (So can you, but if know why you can’t, you should know why I can’t) 

6. Can I come by at 6:00-7:00-8:00pm, or can you just bring it to me because I work all day. (Please extend the same respect to my work day and evening) 

Ok, a couple of things are ringing loud and clear. 

1) If someone doesn’t value your work day as much as if you are in a rented office location… you have no responsibility to honor their request. Ever. 

2) I’m quitting before I get to ten things. It’s excessive already. If you work from home and someone has to be told to respect you and your work, simply because of the location, there are bigger issues and none of them are yours. 

3) For every one inconsiderate comment, there are 20 complimentary ones. Cherish the compliments, they will be your fuel on a hard day. 

My goal to work from home is fueled by the love of my grandson, the respect of my family, and my work ethic that allows me to have laundry spinning and the dishwasher running while I conduct a conference call while the baby naps. 

Cheers to the home work force. Your decision to do so is valued, brave, confident, and respected by this Mimi. 


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