Sweet Surprise on a Saturday

Saturday. One of my favorite seven days of the week. 

Today started as an “up way before the dawn” day. The task list of my new business was just long enough to prod my sleepy dreaming into wakefulness. 

Hot, sweet coffee and my ever present list in hand, the work day began. By 9:00am I was ready to settle back in to sleep for a bit. 

One long shower, 47 quick chores, and a huge breakfast later and round two of the work day was about to begin. It was delightfully interrupted by a call from my son and his sweet girlfriend to meet them at the local pumpkin patch. Of course I said yes! 

Happy Jack Pumpkin Patch had so many colorful varieties of gourds and pumpkins. Perfect orange, reds, whites and spooky greens. What a welcome field trip for creative inspiration and fun time with family. 

We left with a pumpkin as big as the wheelbarrow, a handful of shiny apples, a bowl full of beautiful gourds and a sweet surprise… 

ToMaToEs! Yes, tomatoes! In October. What a blessing. 

Every day is a good day to have a good day. 



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