Lovely DAYS

The last couple of weeks have been lovely. Absolutely and truly lovely in the purest sense of the word. 

The seasons are changing. The wind carries a hint of autumn. Summer isn’t fully ready to let go and rest for the year, but it will be soon. The leaves are turning into their brilliant shades of russet and gold and orange. It is my favorite time of year, and fitting that so many things are changing and burgeoning into beautiful shades of themselves. 

My seasons are changing. It is a welcome change, and I am grateful for new strengths and a renewed sense of self. It is a gift to be cognizant of the culmination of a time of challenges and growth and to welcome the shift into a time of strength and peace. It feels that this new season will be a time to celebrate a shift from idealism into intention, purpose and direction. 

There is a sweetness in this beginning of a new season. I understand what it means to be still and know I am finally still. Contented. Quieted. Covered in grace.  I welcome this freeing of my spirit that is so delicately balanced with a maturing of sorts. 

I am humbled by God’s provision and so very thankful for being held and carried, yet again, through a time of difficulty. I am loved. I am cherished. I am held by the invisible arms of my Heavenly Father with every embrace of my friends and family here on earth. I see the change in who has moved into, and out of, my life and I rest in the peace of understanding that it all has meaning and purpose. 

The gift of clarity and a renewed sense of grounding has moved in quietly and is surprisingly welcome after a season of the winds of change blowing wild and free. It is time to celebrate my true self. The things that make me uniquely me. To honor myself, in a humble way, by making good and prayerful decisions; to relax into a blessed self-assurance. 

I spent the day by the sea. The beautiful sea. The sun warmed my skin, the wind played with my hair, the sky was a beautiful autumn blue. 

I was surrounded by friends, nature, fresh air and sunshine, and enjoyed both sport and rest. I was encouraged, inspired, loved, nurtured and welcomed. I did the same in return. 

I am so very thankful for these lovely days. 


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