Sweetheart Summer Salad

Summer salads. You just can’t beat a great salad filled with beauties picked right out of the backyard garden. 

This quick salad is a staple on summer supper tables in Kentucky. Tastes great, keeps well and is really good for you. 

There are a couple of tips to this salad that I will share with you. 

  • The ingredients are all “to taste”. Start with this basic recipe then tweak to your liking. Won’t hurt a thing to add a bit more of one ingredient or another. I peppered this batch up like a champ. 
  • Every southern belle has a different flair with this salad so taste it at every summer supper party you go to. 
  • You can slice, chunk, or dice the cucumbers and tomatoes. I suggest slicing the onions in thin strips so that they soften. 
  • Peeling the cucumbers and tomatoes is entirely up to you. I used fancy little mini cucumbers this time so there was no need to peel. I peel or half peel hefty garden cucumbers. 
  • Why whisk the liquids first? One reason. So that they start to marry as you are chopping the vegetables. The quicker they blend, the quicker it’s on the table. 




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