The possibilities of Kentucky RAIN

Rain delay. Rainout. Cancelled for rain. What’s a southern girl to do? 

This rain and shine Kentucky summer weather has created a level of patience, as well as sparked spontenaity. It’s pouring the rain one minute and sunny the next. 

We have had a full week of light rain as well some severe weather warnings. We have continued activities or run for cover, depending on the day. We have laughed at southern slang for hard rains like gully washer, hen drownder, frog strangler, raining pitchforks, etc. 

What to do to ride it out? Be prepared. Multi-level prepared. 

Shorts and tee shirts, sundresses and rompers are of course typical summer apparel. It’s not going to ever be chilly, even on a pop-up shower rainy southern day. It is, however, pretty handy to have flip flops, tennies, and a pair of cute monogrammed rain boots handy. If you are canoeing down a Kentucky creek, off to see the beautiful horses or just fishing for your dinner, you will want the proper footwear. 

Kentucky women are known for their beauty. It’s pretty easy to stay picture perfect on a sunny sky and 70 degree early summer day. You know those days where a light breeze blows and the bugs aren’t buzzing or biting, and everything is right in the world. That’s great in May and June, but then we have July. Heat hot and humid, summer bugs, sticky sunscreen and dare I say…  nope, I just can’t. Real southern girls just glisten (not sweat). 

Luckily, there are several tricks to the summer rain and humidity. Invest in a great hairdresser and quality styling products specifically for your hair type. It takes a great cut and healthy hair to avoid looking like a real hot mess. Practice until you find an updo that’s great in a clinch, like when you’re at a Reds game or at the Junior League Horse Show and it unexpectedly showers. Got a sassy summer bob? Rock out a summer hat. Keep a couple in the car. Kentucky charm never looks better than in a stylish hat. 

Plan and prepare your body for the heat. Ain’t nobody got time to swoon, don’t care who you are.  A pop up shower that comes and goes, can heat the day up like no other. Enjoying the air conditioning is great, until you attend bbqs, picnics and summer suppers and melt in the heat. We don’t cancel a party just because it might shower. Your body just can’t adjust quickly. You cannot truly beat the heat, but you can join it. Kind of like “keep your friends close” and your enemies closer. Sit on the porch, work your flower garden, take a walk after dinner, go to the park. Whatever works for you to build your heat tolerance. Everyone is prettier when they aren’t collapsing. 

And finally, stay open to the possibilities of the Kentucky rain. Put a game set on the screen porch. Rainy days are great for checkers, Old Maid, Dominoes and Jacks. Have a fondue picnic in the living room. Host a talent show or a cookie decorating day. Take a nap, build a fort, read a book, phone a friend, make kool aid slushes, try out some new music. 

If it isn’t lightening… it’s just falling water. So go play, jog, or dance in it. The possibilities are endless. 


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