Handy little garden TIPS

I love the gardening tips that have been shared with me through the years. Here are a few of my own. 

  • Gardening is hard work. Don’t fight it. Settle in to it. 
  • Hard work in good company goes faster. Enjoy the solitude of your thoughts or listen to an audio book or play good music or chat with your garden helper. 
  • The harsher the chemical, the worse the consequence. Use natural products. It’s worth pulling a few extra weeds. 
  • Share your extra seeds. You’ll reap friendships as well as flowers and vegetables. 
  • Plant companion flowers in your vegetable garden. It’s easier to do hard work in a pretty environment. 
  • Tend to yourself as carefully as you tend to your garden. Wear a shade hat and protect your skin. A good dose of Vitamin D from the sun is good for you. Sunburned skin is not.
  • Use rain barrels and compost bins. There’s a wealth of benefits to both. 
  • Arrange a couple of chairs and a cooler of drinks in the closest shady spot. Take a break when you need it to hydrate and cool off. Those 15 minutes can refuel you for the next couple of hours. 
  • Keep a pair of gloves and nippers handy. (see pic) No need to drag the whole garden cart out when you just need to get that one little thing done. 

Most importantly, count your blessings. How amazing is it that a thing of floral beauty and a thing of vegetable nourishment comes from the earth and your willing hands. 


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