What a wonderful WORLD

It’s all in how you look at it. 

What a whirlwind season of celebration this is! 

What I woke up to this morning, from a realist’s perspective, is a big stack of laundry, the ironing supplies in the hallway, shoes strewn across the floor, party buckets and bins and platters to be put away, dishes to be loaded and unloaded, excess party candy to be stored, a bit of sticky watermelon juice still on the kitchen floor… 

What I see, as I move from chore to chore, is something different. 

I see the glue. 

The glue that binds us together as family and friends. The shared memories. Precious time together. 

I see the bonding that shared tasks and projects bring. The extra laughs that come when you are bone tired, but still getting it done because you are with dear friends. 

I see the smiles on sweet faces and happy  tears of pride and joy. I see the love of the food and music and pictures and friends. Hugs hello and hugs goodbye. Good memories in the making. 

I see scripture come to life as the strength of a cord of three strands that is not easily broken. And that two is better than one. And greater love hath no man than to lay down his life. I see our family and friends come to share in our celebration, laying down their life for a bit to be with us. 

I see many prayers in motion, for peace and love to rule these days. I see the grace as we come together to celebrate as family. I see great strength, and beautiful growth blooming.

 I see our bright future together. 

What a wonderful world. A wonderful, wonderful world. 



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