Fancy water for a fun teen PARTY

It’s that time of year! Party time! 

So many family get-togethers, so little time! 

We are in a wonderful season, celebrating so many things. Weddings, birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, prom, graduation… 

While our colorful punch and pretty fruit infused lemonade and southern sweet tea are served from beautiful glass decanters, we also always offer bottled water. 

Bottled water is so welcome as our sweet Kentucky spring turns into the humid summer.  From sipping on the lawn to the grab and go departing from the celebration. 

Now, I have to say… apologies in advance… that I’m not a big fan of duct tape as a medium. To each his own, as they say.

I can, however, absolutely appreciate the efforts of duct tape crafts. The new colors and patterns of duct tape are darling and lend themselves to cute teen projects. 

So. Add teen graduation party plus the need for bottled water plus brightly colored duct tape and what do you get? 

A super easy and super quick way to fancy it up a bit! 



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