Hummingbird Sweet Treat

I love this time of year for little backyard visitors. 

The squirrels have been busy digging up winter walnuts. There are a couple of baby bunnies peeking out through the perennial foliage. Finches, mourning doves, robins, cardinals and more little backyard birds are flying by my kitchen window. 

For our area of Kentucky, Derby Day marks the time of spring to put out feeders. 

I love to watch the finches on the feeders. The little red ones seem to like the morning and the yellows are coming in the early evening this week.  

It’s time to put the hummingbird feeders out, now that the last frost has chilled our mornings. 

Years ago, my sweet neighbor shared a hummingbird water recipe with me. I have made it that way ever since. It’s simple. 4:1. Four parts water to one part sugar. Heat the water so that the sugar dissolves, let it cool and it’s ready. 

 She also added this tip. Fill the feeders with only a small amount until the hummingbirds show up consistently. You save a lot of sugar that way. 

Works like a charm. Every year. 


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