Bed & Breakfast BIRDHOUSE

Quick and Easy. 

No muss. No fuss. 

Darling results. 

What could be better than that for pampering your spring  birds? 

I spotted a sweet little birdhouse at a local discount store yesterday. I loved the shape and the price, but the gray roof was a little drab. 


I can fix that! With a little creativity and 10 minutes during nap time today, it’s now a sweet little home and matches my porch decor. 

I picked two bright paint colors, teal and yellow, gathered up the birdhouse and my fancy art tool (a paper towel) and headed outside. 


A few quick swipes of yellow on the roof…

A quick swipe of teal on the edges of the roof and perches…


And in less than 10 minutes…. 

The Bed & Breakfast birdhouse project is finished and hanging in the backyard. 


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