Feather Your NEST

It’s spring! 

Brightly colored male birds and their mates are flitting and flying through the backyard. Little nests are being formed in the trees. So sweet. 

I’ve seen a couple of suggestions for providing ribbons for wild birds to feather their nests. Inspired, I decided to make a new project. 

This is a great project for kids of all ages. It will keep them busy and outside to enjoy the sunshine.  It is also a great recycling project, and costs little to nothing to make. 

Gather up scrap yarn or ribbon, toilet paper rolls, peanut butter and bird seed. 

Cut the yarn in different lengths. Punch holes in the toilet paper rolls. Thread yarn into holes. 


Now for the fun part. Spread peanut butter onto the middle of the toilet paper roll. 


Sprinkle birdseed on the peanut butter. The birds will love the extra treat while they get their nesting yarn. 

Cut one long piece of yarn or twine and string the decorated rolls onto it. Tie the long string ends onto a tree or fencing.  I chose this set of trees because there has been a little cardinal couple living inside. Hope they like the color scheme! 

I also left  some extra yarn by a new nest. We’ll see what happens!  



One thought on “Feather Your NEST

  1. Love your little birdy craft! I would love to find out what happened! Did they take all the yarn? A photo of some of the yarn in their nest would be awesome! Not sure if they would let you get too close, though. 😉

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