Hello Monday

Monday! Fresh new week and fresh new task list. Love that! 

My inbox is quickly filling up. My plan is to start with the quick and easy tasks and tackle others as the day progresses. Work tasks and home tasks will dance around the top priority of providing childcare. 

There is one carryover work item that keeps getting shuffled to the bottom of the task list. 

I’m stumped on a blog post that has stayed in my inbox for a couple of weeks. I don’t even have a title because I’m not sure of the focus of the piece yet. 

The blog post started as I began to explore my feelings about a comment I overheard. 

About me. 

It’s interesting when you hear someone answer a question about you, with complete confidence. In this case, their answer was incorrect. Not malicious, necessarily, just wrong. Black and white wrong, as it’s a yes or no question. She answered no. The answer is actually yes. 

Easy enough. Until I started to mull over the opinion she threw in. Hence, the bigger picture question, full of pitfalls and debate, no clear cut answer that fits the masses. I’ll share that question when I know which direction I am going in, in my not yet titled blog post. 

I’m aware, of course, that I cannot provide complete journalistic objectivity of the bigger picture question and it’s tireless debate. I’m also aware that there is no pat answer to this particular question. 

There is only the question. And everyone’s differing opinion as the answer. 

My feelings aside, the layers of my interest also include the issue of interest versus gossip, this person’s opinion of her own answer, my little bit of sadness for her for her opinion, the outdated debate of the question itself, authenticity, choice, building up versus tearing down, and, of course, the social questions of appropriateness and manners. 

Should I have said “I couldn’t help but overhear…” and answered the question correctly? Maybe. 

Should I have taken the next opportunity that day to randomly mention the subject in conversation so as to answer the question correctly? Maybe. 

I chose to just let it go that day, actively choosing grace, saying nothing. 

Ultimately, her answer makes no difference to my life. What my family and I choose, and how I choose to live my life is between me and God, and me and my family, and me and my friends. 

There is so much peace in living your life in an authentic way, choosing grace, choosing a life that suits you and brings contentment. 

Working in the field of your calling brings the grounding of intrinsic joy, grace and peace. Hard work is “well-tended garden” satisfying, knowing I am right where I need to be make tedious work a blessing. It provides a quiet confidence that feels no need to explain or defend. 

I’ll finish up that blog post in good time. No worries. 


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