April Fool’s! 

April Fool’s Day is a day for silly pranks and good, clean fun for family and friends. 

Back in the day, my mother let us come up with little tricks like reconstructing empty banana peels, the famous “finger in a box” trick and she sat through countless tall tales as we did our best with April trickery. Good Mommas are the best at showing the amazement of an April 1st giggly tale not being true. 

April 1 is also one of my very best friend’s birthday. My thoughts this morning were on calling her to wish birthday wishes before our days were too hectic. Hearing her happy, happy voice was a treat for me as well. 

I was also busy thinking of any prank that would top what happened yesterday in Lexington. 

Two of our kids attend the University of Kentucky. (Love it – Go Cats). A friend of mine texted me yesterday that a steer was loose on campus on Cooper Drive. We laughed about my Agriculture/Business major son going on site to lasso the poor dear or ride it down frat row. Talk about a pre-April Fool’s prank! The steer and the roundup team are all just fine, per local news reports. 


How would I top that today? 

As I began the morning routine, a text and pic came in from my friend, Amber. She is (easily) one of the most talented crafters I know. Her projects are always well planned and well executed. I have to share her April Fool’s for her class of little ones at school. 


Snack time! Anyone up for some kool-aid and fries? 


Yep! The sweetest April Fool’s trick I have ever seen. It’s actually pound cake fries and a sneaky cup of jello. 

Well done, Amber! I know the kids had a good laugh and a great snack today! 

Extra points for hand-crafting the “fries” cup and red frosting ketchup! Love it! 

Happy April Fool’s Day! 


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