Healthy is the new BEAUTIFUL 

Spring has sprung! And so have my thoughts on shaking off the winter frump. Healthy is the new beautiful. 

I have been working with the wellness company, Young Living, for quite a while now. The work has been a daily gentle reminder that our body is , genuinely, a temple. The body houses a beautiful system that needs proper fuel to function. That system is encased in another beautiful temple, our skin. 

To keep both running efficiently, we must care for them. 

Height, weight, age, BMI, body frame are all charted here in this link. It contains very simple information on how to determine your frame size, and a couple of weight charts depending on your goals.

I don’t have plans to crash diet to fit into the proper box on the chart. 

I do, however, have plans, an action plan, to make better health a priority. 

My action plan is to eliminate processed foods, to eliminate diet drinks and sodas, add more clean eating foods, and add more water, and move more.  

I also, in one of our last classes, ran a zytoscan, to know what oils and supplements my body needs. I will add those in. 

I think that by thinking of food and drink as fuel, and thinking of exercise as conditioning and priming a well oiled machine, the number in the box will automatically line up in the healthy box. 

Good choices, no random or mindless bad fuel, no pressure to get to a certain number, no bone crushing exercise regimen, no magic quick loss poppycock. 

My choice, my actions, my oils and supplements. 

No excuses. 

Healthy is the new BEAUTIFUL. 


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