You are only as strong AS

I’m researching a couple of summer events and projects this week. I have a fresh new notepad for each one, and as I search, through Pinterest and the internet, I quickly sketch the basics and jot down links and notes.

I sketch as I go, as I have a really hard time sticking to the instructions and project steps. I inevitably wander a bit away as creativity takes over. I also like to mold a project using my preferred medium, whichever may apply. 

I am a mix of artisan and efficiency expert and event/project planner. The end result of any “set of instructions” project always ends up looking like more of my artistic athstetic and reflects my eclectic wheelhouse of skills. 

I love that my artisan and craft skills have matured over time. Working on project after project and event after event thru the years, using different mediums, has not only built my toolbox of supplies, it has built my toolbox of skills, honed my vision, sharpened my creative eye. 

There is a lot to learn from the construction and craft of pulling an event or project together cohesively. The big picture, the tiny details, time management, the moving parts, what is in your wheelhouse and what is not, the essentials, the nonessentials, the dimension of textures enhancing the whole. 

If you know me, you know none of this is new. 

Now. Here’s the thing. 

An interesting thing happened while I was perusing Pinterest. I realized I hadn’t looked at my boards in quite some time. I had pinned to them, but not looked through them. 

It was completely off task to take a look at each board. I am juggling a super tight schedule until July, and every hour counts. I just couldn’t help feeling lead to do so. 

I went with my gut, and not only looked through my boards, but rearranged pins, deleted some, and took a good swack at making the whole lot of it more relevant, took inventory. 

I also (gasp) deleted a couple of boards. Yes, deleted. I could have deleted the majority of pins on each board but it felt cleaner, crisper, more brave, more free to just delete the entire board.

The pins on those boards no longer served any purpose. 


In doing so, a little Godwink was able to shine through. 

Taking inventory, clearing away clutter, sweeping out the irrelevant, letting go of what is no longer of any value, is a valuable use of time. It’s important to do it regularly. It makes room for the cherished, and honors. Lifts the weight, and refreshes. 

The lesson is to apply it to much more than Pinterest boards. 

One step at a time. 


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